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Description of CPA Group SA

Founded in 2002, CPA Group is a swiss high-tech industrial holding of 6 industrial companies, 1 industrial park and 1 business incubator. Through its sister companies, CPA Group provides Machines and instruments for end-users (CPAutomation, regenHU), industrial components for OEM/machine builders and systems integrators (Asyril, BS-Optics, ViDi) and medical devices for patients (Vivos Dental). Thanks to its business incubator (Venturi), it also invests in and manage a diversified portfolio of high-growth potential startups Mission - Promoting creativity and innovation in various breaking through field (Laser, Industrial Software, Robotics, Automation, Medical Device, 3D Printing) - Combining, with its sister companies, the strength of a group with the flexibility of start-ups. - Providing shared services to its companies Human Resources Finance & Accounting IT/IS Business Development Marketing and Communication Services History 1999 Founding of CPAutomation SA 2001 Founding of Solvix SA 2002 Founding of the Holding CPA Group SA 2002 New building, Z.I. du Vivier 21, Villaz-St-Pierre 2007 Founding of Asyril SA 2009 Building renovation, Z.I. du Vivier 21, Villaz-St-Pierre 2010 Founding of CPA Technology (MY) 2010 Launch of building construction, Z.I. du Vivier 20-22 Villaz-St-Pierre 2011 Acquisition of regenHU SA 2012 Founding of ViDi-Systems SA 2012 Founding of regenHU spin-off Vivos Dental SA 2012 Solvix sold to Advanced Energy Inc. 2014 Acquisition of BS-Optics SA

Zone Industrielle du Vivier 22

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Yasmina Z.

Coordinatrice Marketing & Communication, ViDi Systems SA

Hired 6y ago

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