Nicolas de Villeneuve

Nicolas de Villeneuve

Senior Auditor in Energy and Trading industry, Deloitte SA

En poste chez Deloitte SA

Précédents : Barclays, Ernst & Young, Course Croisière Edhec (Edhec Cup)


Précédents : UNIVERSITY OF ALBERTA, Ecole Supérieure De Commerce


Senior Auditor in Energy and Trading industry

Chez Deloitte SA

De 2010 à aujourd'hui
Involved in the risk assessment and financial statement review of companies within the Energy and Trading sector.


Natural Resources, Energies and Environment, MBA

De 2009 à 2010
Study of Environmental regulation, Risk Management, Energy markets, Modelisation and Scenario Analysis

Ecole Supérieure De Commerce, Lille

Finance, EDHEC Business School

De 2006 à 2010
Thesis: Entrepreneurship in the electricity sector in France, 17/20 GMAT: score 740/800, percentile 97% TOEFL: score 109/120

Assistant of a Project Manager

Chez Barclays

Development of a financial advisory entity, Development of software aiming at tracking debit clients

Responsible for logistic on Sea

Chez Course Croisière Edhec (Edhec Cup)

De 2006 à 2008
Student Club which organizes the leading European student event, an annual sailing race for one week, Budget: € 1.5 million, Participants: 6,000 students, 170 boats.


  • Audit
  • Electricity
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Finance
  • Nuclear
  • Politics