David Imboden

David Imboden

Chief Technical Officer, Aedima

Specialist in Management of Technology, Agile & Innovation

En poste chez Aedima, Iteration

Précédents : Bbv Software Service AG, Oderen Bike, Polyright


Précédents : University Of Peking, At Beida International MBA & Indian Institute Of Management, Bangalore, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), University Of Applied Sciences Valais HEVS


    En résumé

    My Story When I was 13 years old, I created an electronic magazine, named MacSCA. Two years later, we were a team of ten people and the magazine was distributed on floppy disks (later on CD-ROM) of Major European IT magazines (MacWorld, CD Media, SVM Mac…). The same year I participated in radio and TV broadcasts and an IT Swiss Magazine hired me. What has happened since then? I graduated as Software Engineer, started my career as Developer and quickly got project and team responsibly. Then I undertook an EMBA in Management of Technology and I was involved in many crazy ideas and fast-growing businesses. Who am I? An innovation facilitator. My specialties Entrepreneurship, Software, Project Management, Innovation, Business, Change Management, Software as a service (Saas), Web, Agile, Scrum, Start-ups, Outsourcing. I can act as Trainer, Coach, Consultant, Project Leader, Scrum Product Owner, Chef Technical Officer. More information on : linkedin.ch/in/imboden


Chief Technical Officer

Chez Aedima

De novembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
Managed several internal and outsourced R&D teams; conducted a daily review of several software programs leading to successful releases of multiple products. Implemented a new income strategy and improved business model leading to increased income and customer growth through partnership programs. ...
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Chez Iteration

De novembre 2012 à aujourd'hui
Self-owned company contracting services mainly in the field of IT: Software development, Scrum coaching, supporting innovation processes (for more information, please go to: www.iteration.info). Managed several outsourced teams mainly in India, Eastern Europe and USA.

.NET Project Leader

Chez Bbv Software Service AG

De 2012 à septembre 2013
Project 1: Schindler AG, Luzern: Created an iPhone app with Visual Studio .NET 2012 ported to Apple X-Code by using Mono; this software architecture allows the user to remain independent from the operating system. The application allows Schindler’s technicians to take control of elevators and helps ...
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Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (EPFL), Lausanne

Executive MBA, Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

De août 2011 à décembre 2012
Management of Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Venture Competition, Intellectual Property Management, Project Management, Marketing Management, Financial Accounting, Financial Law, Statistics, Accounting and Control, Sustainable Leadership, Finance, Entrepreneurial Finance, Business Economics, ...
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Business Development Representative

Chez Oderen Bike

De juin 2012 à juillet 2012
Improved Supply Chain Manufacturing by building partnerships that provided a significant increase in quality, reducing delivery time and ensuring the protection of intellectual property.

University Of Peking, At Beida International MBA & Indian Institute Of Management, Bangalore, Peking

Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS), University of Peking, at Beida International MBA & Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

Doing Business in Asia - Doing Business in India, Setting up a Successful Business in China, Chinese Business Environment, Outsourcing & Partnership, IP Management, Competitive Advantage of China, Strategic Management, E-Commerce in China.

Scrum Master & Specialist Engineer

Chez Polyright

De août 2008 à février 2011
Responsible for the Scrum process by making sure it was used correctly and maximizing its benefits. I acted as a facilitator both for the Product Owner and the team. I managed the development process of several new software programs using different technologies: Silverlight, iPhone, Windows CE. I ...
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