Biotech Manufacturing Training Coordinator, UCB

Précédents : Heriot-Watt University, IUT Louis Pasteur


Biotech Manufacturing Training Coordinator

Chez UCB

De mai 2016 à aujourd'hui

Manufacturing technician

Chez Baxter International

De janvier 2014 à août 2015
Establishment of a new production line : validation and performance monitoring of equipments for processing (buffer preparation and recombinant protein purification) , execution of protocols (SAT, OQ and PQ), investigation of malfunction, review of operational documentation (runsheet, logbook,...), ...
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Lab Technician - Process Development

Chez Transgène

De novembre 2012 à décembre 2013
Establishment of a purification process: conducting purification assays (cell breaking, clarification, chromatography, cross-flow filtration), writing related procedures and reports, cell culture (in suspension) and viral production.

Assistance Technician of KaliLab Software (Quality Management of Laboratory)

Chez Netika

De août 2011 à octobre 2012
Guiding and training users, particularly in pre-setting of quality management application and in the starting phase (increase improvement in the approach to the quality organization) in medical laboratory.

Laboratory Technician Research - Institute of Bacteriology

Chez Université de Strasbourg

De juillet 2010 à juillet 2011
Co-inventor of the europeen patent n° 2012/117342 “Immunoabsorbed anti-staphylococcal enterotoxins polyclonal antibodies, preparation and uses thereof”. The present invention relates to the preparation of a set of polyclonal antibodies,each raised against one specific staphylococcal enterotoxin, and ...
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Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh

Bachelor of Sciences (Bsc) with honours in Biological Sciences, School of Life Sciences Biology

De septembre 2008 à juin 2010

Laboratory technician in microbiology

Chez Laboratoire WELEDA

De juin 2009 à août 2009
Pharmaceutical microbiological controls (counting and identification of microorganisms, environmental controls, bacterial endotoxins research), physico-chemical controls, GMP compliance and general organization of the laboratory

IUT Louis Pasteur, Schiltigheim

IUT Louis Pasteur

De septembre 2006 à août 2008
DUT Biology Engineering, Food and Biology Industry

Intership - Research Laboratory (EA 4432) - Institute of Bacteriology

Chez Université de Strasbourg

De avril 2008 à juin 2008
Development of a kit for the detection and titration of staphylococcal enterotoxins on the Bio-Plex ®. Extraction and protein titration, enzyme activity dosage, SDS-PAGE, "Luminex" technology (Bio-Plex ®), immunostaining


  • Biologie moléculaire
  • Cell Culture
  • Data Analysis
  • GMP
  • Microbiologie
  • Purification
  • Scale-up
  • Transfert de technologie

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