Cédric Walter

Cédric Walter

Apache POI committer, The Apache Software Foundation

En poste chez Galaxiis, The Apache Software Foundation

Précédents : Helvetia Versicherungen Schweiz, Helvetia Versicherungen, Pactera Switzerland AG, Innoveo solutions, ECenter-solutions, Helvetia Patria, Helvetia patria


En formation chez Certified Scrum Master

Précédents : Université De Haute-Alsace Mulhouse-Colmar, Lycée Louis Armand


    En résumé

    ►►► LOOKING FOR A NEW JOB ◄◄◄ Now looking for a new challenging career and business opportunities! I have a passion and desire to produce and ship high quality business solutions using Cutting-edge technology in agile teams with highly experienced professionals. Born and bred in France, working in Switzerland since 2000. Previously employed by Pactera Schweiz AG as a Senior Solution Architect and certified Scrum Master. Awarded with a secondary school diploma +5 years of College of Computer Engineering. Love learning languages (fluent in German & English beside French of course ;-)) and meeting interesting people for work and pleasure. Latest resume https://www.dropbox.com/s/fjtkk50fm3kp4jp/2017.03-Resume-CedricWalter.pdf?dl=0 LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/cedricwalter/ PGP: DF52 ADDA C81A 08A6



Founder, owner and Managing Partner of Galaxiis.com

Chez Galaxiis

De janvier 2014 à aujourd'hui
Galaxiis creates industry leading premium Joomla Extensions and is the longest running Joomla extensions provider since 2005. Joomla! extensions club offers professional quality extensions for its members (> 6000 users - 500'000 downloads). Formerly known as www.waltercedric.com google page rank ...
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Apache POI committer

Chez The Apache Software Foundation

De juin 2013 à aujourd'hui
Apache POI, a project run by the Apache Software Foundation, and previously a sub-project of the Jakarta Project, provides pure Java libraries for reading and writing files in Microsoft Office formats, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel.An Apache committer is an individual who was given write ...
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Certified Scrum Master, Zürich Area, Switzerland

Certified Scrum Master, Certified Scrum Master

De janvier 2012 à aujourd'hui
Certified ScrumMasters® help project teams properly use Scrum, increasing the likelihood of the project's overall success. CSMs understand Scrum values, practices, and applications and provide a level of knowledge and expertise above and beyond that of typical project managers. CSMs act as "servant ...
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Consultancy Senior Solution Engineer

Chez Helvetia Versicherungen Schweiz

De janvier 2017 à mai 2017
* Support Helvetia ePlatform EPL4 go to production, * Modernizing with Continuous integration / Continuous delivery the Helvetia B2C/B2B group portal running with Adobe Adobe Experience Manager (AEM - CQ5) - Major changes to 22 Git repositories /40 builds - Reducing build/deployment complexities ...
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Consultancy Senior Solution Engineer

Chez Helvetia Versicherungen Schweiz

décembre 2016
Integration of the new Java msg.ProductManager (msg.PM https://pm.msggroup.com/en/) server run-time for calculation in NL-Offer (previously done using C++ wrapper/JNI)

Consultancy Senior Solution Engineer

Chez Helvetia Versicherungen

De août 2016 à novembre 2016
Enabling 6 mission critical application of Helvetia ePlatform (180 eclipse projects) to use the latest technologies (SVN->Git, Java 5->8, Tomcat 5->8, jUnit 3.8->5, log4j 2, latest Apache POI), continuous integration & deployment (CI/CD), ANT->Maven modularization, release management, Docker based ...
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Senior Solutions Architect

Chez Pactera Switzerland AG

De janvier 2014 à juin 2016
Innoveo has developed the insurance multi-channel sales solution Innoveo Skye® that will continue to be enhanced and supported as an industry leading front-end insurance solution. Innoveo Skye® enables insurance companies to launch new products, build attractive product and services bundles, and ...
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Senior solution architect J2EE

Chez Innoveo solutions

De 2008 à janvier 2014
Innoveo Skye ®™ is a generic, flexible insurance sales solution. It supports an unlimited number of products and services, all lines of business (life and non-life) and all sales channels. Innoveo has already developed and operated a platform that supports the delivery of €billions in offer volume ...
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Senior solution architect J2EE

Chez ECenter-solutions

De 2007 à septembre 2007
Team member of Offertsystem VP (Système d'offres Prévoyance privée / Sistema di offerta Previdenza privata) is the new Life offering system of Helvetia Versicherungen and is using the latest technologies (Java, JSF, web services, Meta model of eCenter.solutions) to allow multiple user group: ...
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Senior Solution Architect J2EE

Chez Helvetia Patria

De janvier 2006 à décembre 2006
10% HPV workbench presentation layer and runtime with JBoss Seam, JSF 70% Life Team new offering system VPOffer with eCenter technologies 20% Internet Life Offering system www.hpvpartnernet.ch

Senior software developer J2EE

Chez Helvetia patria

De 2004 à 2005
50% Helvetia Patria - eBusiness Center - Hohlstrasse 560 - 8048 Zurich-Alstetten (Switzerland). 70% VBP project ePakt / 30% Internet Life Offering system www.hpvpartnernet.ch ePAKT - is a new Web application and the first software for the collective life insurance business in Switzerland. ePAKT ...
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Senior software developer J2EE

Chez Helvetia Patria

De 2004 à 2005
50% Helvetia Patria Life Team, Basel (Switzerland). Maintenance and new products development (Saphir Carat, Terzavita cardinale) in the offering system OFEV Renten 2000 Deployment Ofev Renten 2000 to offline using eCenter offline platform. Migration of Raiffeisen Users to the online platform.

Senior software developer J2EE

Chez Helvetia Patria

De 2001 à 2004
eCenter Helvetia Patria - Dreikönigstrasse 12 - 8022 Zurich (Switzerland). The eBusiness Center is the first and largest project initiated by the Helvetia Patria Group.. It is directed towards realizing e-business solutions for brokers, agents and distribution partners in the different European ...
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Université De Haute-Alsace Mulhouse-Colmar, Mulhouse

Engineer’s Degree, School of Engineering (Control Theory and Computer Science)

De 1999 à 2000
ENSISA★ is a fully accredited Engineering School of the Université de Haute-Alsace (UHA), located in Mulhouse, Alsace, at the cros­s­roads of the French, German and Swiss borders. In its two buildings (17,000 m2), in the heart of the Mulhouse campus, higher education meets research and technology ...
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Lycée Louis Armand, Mulhouse

1-year preparation for admission to French Engineering Schools, Lycée Louis Armand

De 1995 à 1996

Lycée Louis Armand, Mulhouse

Industrial Control And Regulation Process. Secondary Studies (Grammar School) (BTS CIRA), Lycée Louis Armand

De 1993 à 1995

Lycée Louis Armand, Mulhouse

Industrial Control And Regulation Process. 2-year course (BTCR)., Lycée Louis Armand

De 1991 à 1993


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