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    Holds a Double Master of Science; in Information System Analysis & Design (ESSEC – Paris) and in Business Administration (University of Lyon). He begins his career in training and research in system organizational dynamics (project OSSAD). International entrepreneur, he creates and manages consulting companies since more than 15 years. He intervenes in many international groups in industrial, public administration, multinationals in the framework of reorganization projects and quality assurance. Specialist in organizational analysis, he is the author of several books and an international speaker. Since 5 years, he introduced in Europe, the professional association of Business Analysts (IIBA®). He participated in the creation the respective IIBA Chapters in France and French-part of Switzerland where he currently acts as President. Today, as Senior Business Analyst, he leads Mark International, management company in Geneva and lectures at the “Haute Ecole de Gestion “ of the University of Geneva. Publications : http://www.mark-company.com/books/index.php Spécialisations : Senior Business & Process Analyst. Entrepreneurship (20 years)


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