Alexandre Bontemps

Alexandre Bontemps

R&D engineer, senseFly

En recherche active

En poste chez IEMN, CNRS


Précédents : IEMN, University Of Valenciennes, Université Valenciennes, ENSIAME, ENSIAME (Ex ENSIMEV), Lycée Jacques Amyot, Lycée J. Amyot


    En résumé

    During my PhD, I worked on design and fabrication of a nano-drones using MEMS/NEMS technologies. Through this work, I have developed a good expertise in microfabrication (photolithography, soft lithography), systems’ engineering, micro-electro-magnetic actuation, microfluidics, non-linear mechanical phenomena and flexible electronic. Moreover, I have proved my ability to develop systems’ multi-physics models using analytical and numerical methods and also to perform experimental measurements and systems’ characterization. As a postdoc during the last six months, I work on the microsystems’ design and the integration of thin electro-active polymer fibers for the realization of bio-inspired muscles. Through these projects, I have developed a strong expertise in the field of electro-active-polymer actuation. I am deeply convinced that the next technological revolution will emerge from a more complete understanding of biological engineering.


Postdoctoral fellow


De décembre 2013 à aujourd'hui
Postdoctoral position, Conception of an electroactive polymer with linear deformation mimicking muscle, * Integration of electroactive micro-beams in microsystems * Electrical and Mechanical characterization of electroactive polymers

IEMN, Villeneuve D'Ascq


De septembre 2010 à septembre 2013
Prototyping a flapping wing nano drone using MEMS technologies, and Nanotechnologies (IEMN), the University of Lille, France, In the context of bio-inspired microsystems, the main objective of my Ph.D. was to develop an artificial flying insect with a wingspan ...
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Université Valenciennes, Valenciennes

Master Recherche Microsystème, Institut des Sciences et Techniques de Valenciennes ISTV

De septembre 2009 à juin 2010

ENSIAME (Ex ENSIMEV), Valenciennes

Engineer, Mécatronique

De septembre 2006 à juin 2010
Mécatronique, micro-système

University Of Valenciennes, Villeneuve D'Ascq

Master of Science, in microelectronics, ultrasound and microtechnologies, University of Valenciennes

De 2009 à 2010
``Microelectronics, Ultrasound and Microtechnologies'', IEMN,

ENSIAME, Valenciennes

Master of Science, ENSIAME

De 2006 à 2010
MS/MSc in ``Mechatronics'', specialized in Microsystem Engineering, Informatics, Automatic, Mechanical energetics and Electronic (ENSIAME), Valenciennes, UVHC, http://www.univ-

Lycée J. Amyot, Melun

Bachelor of Science, Lycée J. Amyot

De 2004 à 2006
BS/BSc in Mathematics and Physics - Preparatory class to prestigious Engineer school, Mathematics-Physics,


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