Seppo Heikkilä

Seppo Heikkilä

Research Fellow, HIPTEK Lab at CERN

Geneva, Switzerland

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His background

  • Today
    January 2016

    Research Fellow

    HIPTEK Lab at CERN

    Working in "Scalable and Secure Infrastructures for Cloud Operations" ( project.
  • Today
    December 2015
    March 2013


    +5000 employees

    Fellow in the CERN openlab and the CERN IT Data Storage and Services (DSS) group. Evaluation of cloud storages and integrating them with existing CERN services.
  • Today
    February 2013
    October 2012


    Thalent SA

    Software development for ownCloud-based vendor-free distributed file storage system.
  • Today
    July 2012
    February 2012

    Software developer

    HIPTEK at European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)

    Development of secure and redundant cloud-based file storage software (commercial project).
  • Today
    January 2012
    September 2006


    Finnish Centre of Excellence in Generic Intelligent Machines Research (GIM), Aalto University

    Doctoral thesis (robotic astronaut assistant), course assistant (Erasmus Mundus SpaceMaster programme), instructor of five M.Sc. theses and two B.Sc. theses.
  • Aalto University

    Doctor of Science in Technology
    Ph.D. programme in Automation and Systems Technology. Thesis: “Affordance-Based Task Communication Methods for Astronaut-Robot Cooperation”.
  • Today
    September 2008
    January 2008

    Researcher (ESA NPI programme)

    European Space Agency

    Requirements definition and research on robotic astronaut assistants.
  • Today
    August 2006
    June 2006


    SES Global

    I was responsible of upgrading a satellite receiver localisation system. The prototype system was made to work with minimalistic embedded Linux environment.
  • , Illkirch Graffenstaden

    International Space University

    Master of Science in Space Studies
    Degree programme in space studies including technical, financial and legal aspects (average 80/100). Internship at SES Astra SA (Betzdorf, Luxembourg) with satellite receiver localisation
  • Today
    August 2005
    January 2003

    Research assistant

    Department of Automation and Systems Technology, Aalto University

    Research assistant: Control systems, M.Sc. thesis, course assistant (automation fundamentals).
  • Aalto University

    Master of Science in Technology
    M.Sc. programme in Electrical Engineering (average 4.1/5). Major subject: Space Technology, 1st minor subject: Software Systems, and 2nd minor: Automation and Control Technology.
  • Today
    August 2002
    May 2002


    +5000 employees

    Worked in 3G protocol software team. Evaluation of real-time SQL-databases, software development (C), and software design (UML).
  • Today
    April 2002
    February 2001

    Research assistant

    Space Technology Laboratory, Aalto University

    Processing of remote sensing data (MODIS and ERS-SAR images) with Matlab. A software to do land use categorisation based on remote sensing data. Publication of project results in the URSI/IEEE XXVII Convention on Radio Science (URSI).
  • Today
    August 2000
    June 2000


    +5000 employees

    Assembly of cellphone base station electronics.
  • Today
    July 1998
    June 1998


    +5000 employees

    Wood pulp preparation for paper manufacturing.

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His skills

  • C++
  • Java
  • Linux
  • Matlab
  • Robotics
  • Cloud Computing

His languages

  • Finnish
    ****Mother tongue
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese

    His hobbies

    skiing badminton windsurfinghiking

    About him

    IT and automation professional looking for challenges requiring software or hardware expertise.

    His activity on Viadeo

    Recent contacts
    Sai Kiran
    • IT Resourcing Consultant (UK & Europe), Winborough Technologies Limited
    Marc-Antoine Lemesle
    Aurélien Gisbert