Marco Lama

Marco Lama

Marketing and strategy consultant for global pharma and biotech companies

Lausanne, Switzerland

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His background

  • Today

    Marketing and strategy consultant for global pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food companies

    200 - 499 employees

    - Strategic management: innovation implementation and valorization, technology transfer, product positioning.

    - Marketing analysis: qualitative and quantitative studies, identification of key players, opportunities and risks of specific technology areas.

    - Regulatory affairs: analysis of regulation and scientific literature for the assessment of risks and advantages for products in pharma and food industry.

    - Competitive intelligence: gathering and analyzing information about products, suppliers, customers, and competitors.
  • Today

    Research assistant (PhD fellow) and Scientific Collaborator


    - Planning, implementation and finalization of a 4-year research project focused on organic and coordination chemistry;
    - Building up and managing of collaborations with international research group (Prof. L. De Cola and the Laboratory of Photonics-University of Münster, Germany and Prof. R. Kuroda, ERATO-SORST, Japanese Science and Technology Agency, Tokyo, Japan);
    - Writing and publishing results as a first and co-author in top-ranking scientific journals;
    - Teaching activity for more than 600 hours in chemistry-focused tutorials and supervision of laboratory classes for groups of Biology and Medicine students;
    - Responsible for chemicals purchasing and laboratory instrumentation maintenance.
  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

    Coordination chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry
  • Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry
  • Today


    Language skills

    - Italian: native speaker.

    - English and French: excellent written and spoken.

    - German: converational level, solid scholar knowledge (university courses 2004-2007, last level: ZD).

    - Spanish: conversational level.
  • Today


    Communication Skills

    - Preparation of syntheses, documents and presentations to communicate results to different audience (international academic conferences, industrial clients, university classes).

    - Preparation of supports (presentations, executive summaries, etc.) and participation to strategic workshop sessions with industrial players in pharma and food sectors.

    - Management of the relationship with the client.

    - Experienced in scientific and regulatory documents writing (e.g. health claim dossiers).
  • Today


    Technical Skills

    - Asymmetric organic synthesis.

    - Synthesis of functional supramolecular assemblies containing lanthanides.

    - Design, performing and analysis of several spectroscopic and luminescence experiments (multinuclear NMR, X-Ray, ES-MS, FT-IR, UV-Vis, luminescence, CD, CPL) for the characterization of complex organic and coordination compounds.

    - Analytical and preparative separation techniques (HPLC and GC) mastered
  • Today


    I. T. skills

    - Experience with both PC and Mac interfaces and Microsoft Office package, including MS Project.

    - Experience with software: Origin, EndNote, Adobe Photoshop.

    - Familiar with electronic databases (IDDB, Beilstein, SciFinder, IsisBase, Web of Science)

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His skills

  • Chemistry
  • Strategic
  • Research
  • Microsoft Project Management
  • Microsoft Project
  • Marketing
  • Market Research
  • Market analysis
  • Management
  • Chimie
  • Strategic Marketing

About him

- Experience in elaboration of strategic recommendations to support the decision making process in pharma business

- Scientific research expertise in synthetic organic and analytical chemistry.

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