Cédric Walter

Cédric Walter

Senior Solution Architect J2EE

Zürich, Switzerland

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His background

  • Today

    Senior solution architect J2EE

    Innoveo solutions

    Formerly part of a major insurance company, innoveo solutions, a leading provider of software solutions to the insurance industry, announces its launch as an independent company. Composed of high-level experts in insurance and IT (SOA, open source, Java...), innoveo enables its clients to deliver flexible and business-oriented products and services to its customers. innoveo has already developed and operated a platform that supports the delivery of €billions in offer volume and dozens of business applications. The company is looking forward to creating similar value for its clients in the Western European insurance industry. More information on innoveo can be found at innoveo.com.
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    Senior solution architect J2EE


    eCenter-solutions team member
    Team member of Offertsystem VP (Système d'offres Prévoyance privée / Sistema di offerta Previdenza privata) is the new Life offering system of Helvetia Versicherungen and is using the latest technologies (Java, JSF, web services, Meta model of ecenter.solutions) to allow multiple user group: internal users, brokers, Raiffeisen Bank to better assist them in the process of selling Helvetia and Raiffeisen Life Insurance products.
    JSF templating (faces) and tag definitions (taglib) of advanced widget with AjaxAnywhere.
    Permissions and Profile implementation.
    Defining object model for broker data (Berater) and search operations.
    Design and implementation of the compiler Repo2PK which transform a host product model in XML to the eCenter product metamodel.
    Engine for exchanging data between POV (Partner Object Verwaltung) partner and printing backend proprietary format (Life VDBM)
    Engine for exchanging data between AVENIR (Contacter partner model) and printing backend proprietary format (Life VDBM)
    Layer for operating changes on the fly on documents (concatenation, form filling, overlays)
    Generic deployment scripts based on ANT / ant4eclipse created for VPOffer and reuse now across all eCenter projects.
    Responsible for deployment during 6 months.
    Know how transfer with Life Junior team member.
    Regression testing
    Developement of the chwebservices webservices layer for Helvetia: Integration of ISIS Papyrus with Apache AXIS2 (client and server side).
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    Senior Solution Architect J2EE

    Helvetia Patria

    10% HPV workbench presentation layer and runtime with JBoss Seam, JSF
    70% Life Team new offering system VPOffer with eCenter technologies
    20% Internet Life Offering system www.hpvpartnernet.ch
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    Senior software developer J2EE

    Helvetia patria

    50% Helvetia Patria - eBusiness Center - Hohlstrasse 560 - 8048 Zurich-Alstetten (Switzerland).
    70% VBP project ePakt / 30% Internet Life Offering system www.hpvpartnernet.ch
    ePAKT - is a new Web application and the first software for the collective life insurance business in Switzerland. ePAKT offers to customers and selling partners all relevant contracts and policies informations and is completely integrated into the old system acompaNet.(.NET) Indoor service also profit strongly from ePAKT: they now possess a selling-oriented, self-describing information platform.
    Diverse webservices (30) using apache Axis: Axis <-> .Net and Axis <-> Java fw <-> Host
    A modular webservices PDF OnDemand framework using:
    IBM Odwek onDemand extended to support a SQL query languuage (Zql parser)
    AFP 2 PDF using ISIS papyrus server (HTTP request)
    Filtering: read PDF (with PDFbox (BSD)) and modifying PDF on the fly: overlay, disclaimer(with iTEXT (LGPL))
    Deployment (Apache ANT)
    Finite State machine for policy mutation status.
  • Today

    Senior software developer J2EE

    Helvetia Patria

    50% Helvetia Patria Life Team, Basel (Switzerland).
    Maintenance and new products development (Saphir Carat, Terzavita cardinale) in the offering system OFEV Renten 2000
    Deployment Ofev Renten 2000 to offline using eCenter offline platform.
    Migration of Raiffeisen Users to the online platform.
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    Senior software developer J2EE

    Helvetia Patria

    eCenter Helvetia Patria - Dreikönigstrasse 12 - 8022 Zurich (Switzerland).
    The eBusiness Center is the first and largest project initiated by the Helvetia Patria Group.. It is directed towards realizing e-business solutions for brokers, agents and distribution partners in the different European countries. The eCenter acts as an enabler for the subsidiaries to build front-oriented e-business applications on a central platform using common standards (infrastructure HP Nimius) which are based on a common knowledge (set of methods, tools, frameworks).

    Helvetia Patria Doubles Return on Investment with Hewlett Packard Service-oriented Architecture (Yahoo, HP)
    Hewlett Packard Introduces Industry-specific Service-oriented Architectures (Yahoo, HP)

    J2EE development with international team members (from Germany, Spain, Italy and Switzerland) with the help of Hewlett Packard consultants and XDreamTeam
    Migration from Visual Age to Eclipse R2.1
    Performance task force, develop project Onion (purpose is to determine maximum load that can support our components, profile them and do optimization where it is needed).
    Developing E3 services, plugins and misc. frameworks on the Hewlett Packard eCommerce plattform HP Nimius.
    Develop some frameworks for the ePlatform
    Workflow framework, drive users through an application, use a description language very similar to java, generate dynamically buttons definition in XML. Multi applications.
    Chart engine framework customized for insurance, based on Chart2D. Accept a meta description container in XML to read data. Output gif, jpeg, png. Adding a new product is done by dragging a configuration file in a directory. Design/Layout, retrieving data are configured through reusable factories.
    Virtual Transport (VT) framework which provide independancy of protocol (generic client ProcessIF) with the help of plugins: Soap Apache, Soap Axis, socket, local jvm. Calls are driven by controller plugins: load balancing, fault tolerant, Once, firstWorking. The responsability to choose a server among a list is done through load balancers (random, weighted round robin (WRR), round-robin (RR), least weight connection (LWC), least connection(LC) ). The error handling is done with the help of failures handlers (single, multiple failover, rethrow). Discovering of webservices and also servers is done with a load balanced and redundeant pool of UDDI registries (use also VT). Exception are dynamically rendered through exception renderer. The internal design is highly extensible(60 pages of documentation- 180 classes, 48 interfaces) - checked exception - 3 caching algorithms - Audit/history in XML - 10 factories.
    Container framework for holding data in bean and E3 for nimius. Automatic marshalling into XML.
    OFEV migration using eCenter technology. (add nimius security, use Oracle, migration of data and users login, redundancy of compute process, refactoring (1100 classes))
    Support for projects: Helvetia Riester (DE), Helvetia Prevision Lifeoffering (SP), Helvetia Domani Pension Funds (IT), Combo (CH), OFEV (CH)
    Administrator of the eCenter homepage (Intranet based on PHP-Nuke), bug tracking tool (Intranet based on Mantis). Develop some PHP modules and new functionnalities.
    Technical support, member of eSTEP (eCenter Support, Training & Engineering for Projects) team. Document a lot of part of the plattform

    Project "Ofev Pilot" 3 days per week in eCenter, 2 Days in Basel.
    Develop connector to a remote car insurance german product (integration of a remote cgi-bin) Proof of concept.
  • Lycée Louis Armand

    1-year preparation for admission to French Engineering Schools
  • Lycée Louis Armand

    Industrial Control And Regulation Process. Secondary Studies (Grammar School) (BTS CIRA)
  • Lycée Louis Armand

    Industrial Control And Regulation Process. 2-year course (BTCR).

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His skills

  • XSL
  • Programming
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • MySQL
  • MyFaces
  • MCSE
  • Mantis
  • Log4j
  • RAD
  • Refactoring
  • XML
  • Xhtml
  • Weblogic
  • UML
  • Tomcat
  • Subversion
  • SOAP
  • Regular Expressions
  • JUnit
  • JSP
  • JSF
  • Eclipse
  • Design Patterns
  • Design
  • CVS
  • CSS
  • Bash
  • Apache
  • ANT
  • EJB
  • Extreme programming
  • Joomla!
  • Joomla
  • JMeter
  • Javascript
  • Java j2ee
  • JAVA
  • J2EE
  • HTML
  • Agile

His hobbies

* open source development in java PHP * Flying small radio controlled helicopter (3) Monster Truck (and airplanes for fun). * Mineralogy (more than 1000 items) Restoration of old vintages scooters (12 pcs) and motorcycles (1 pcs) of the 50's

About him

Seeking to leverage expertise as a software engineer while refining current skills and developing competency in emerging technologies. Several years of object oriented programming experience, with emphasis on Java, J2EE, EJB, web applications (Servlet and JSP), XML and related technologies

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